A Summer in Spain

There’s a gecko in the garden                                     image002
And a cicada in the tree.
A locust sunbathes on the path
Where ants march so orderly.

Plant leaves rustle with the breeze,
Petals pink and red free fall
Then dance in the golden sunlight
Chasing shadows by the wall.

All rests in peace and quiet
In the afternoon’s heat haze.
It’s siesta, we are sleeping
Through the sauna of the day.

No sound of people calling,
No splashing in the pool,
No sizzle on the plancha
Til with sundown we feel cool.

Then the gecko in the garden
Will hide beneath the sage and thyme.
The locust will be long gone
And the cicada out of rhyme.

Now we parade in candles’ glow,
And greet the darkening of the day,
Raise a glass of foaming shandy,
Breathe the citronella spray.

The night is ours, let’s claim it,
Send our voices through the air,
Borne on song and laughter
This sweet summer time to share.




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4 Responses to

  1. Margaret says:

    Lovely poem. So appropriate for this time of year.


  2. joylennick says:

    I was there, Heather. Atmospheric and quite lovely.


  3. Nik Morton says:

    Yes, captured the feel, sense and smell, to be evoked by memories… 🙂


  4. John Edwards says:

    Well done for another post.


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