After the parched, faded days of summer, autumn seems rich leaveswith ripe colour.  After the tired summer sounds, stretched and thinned to carry far distant through the empty air, autumn sounds are round and full.  Clouds bring the sky closer and longer nights draw down the day.
foliage     I would say that I love the warm mellow sun on autumn’s red and gold, that I love the sharp crunch of fallen leaves underfoot.  I would say that I love the berries, the nuts, the overripe fruits.  Harvest home is one festival that all humans can engage with as they come together to support each other through the long winter months.   Even in the west where we have good transport and many supermarkets, storing up for winter still lingers in our genetic makeup – although we may call it getting ready for Christmas.
But what I love most is the drawing in – of time, of light, but most of all of people.  The community comes home after its holidays and day trips, after its excursions into the outside world. Instead of playing outside in the long bright evenings, children take refuge from the dark, under the eye of their parents.  With the curtains closed and the lights on, we come together for the familiar autumn TV season of sport and drama, of song and dance.  Our world has grown smaller, it is one we know well and for a while we feel safe within our walls.

with thanks to Pixabay for the images


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  1. quirkygirlinspain says:

    When I lived in the UK it was my favourite time of year.


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