Evening Falls

For grandparents everywhere!
Evening Falls

A small baby’s time is full of needs with feeding every hour.
Winding, changing, soothing cries, his Mum runs low on power.
Her world’s so small, it seems she lives behind a prison’s bars.
No rest for him, no rest for her as evening falls beneath the stars.

A toddler’s day is long and full, so many things to learn.
He has to run and shout out loud “I’m here!” at every turn.
Then sleep wins through, he’s lying down with bedroom door ajar.
She takes her rest while he rests as evening falls beneath the stars.

At school he finds a different world, tied up with many rules,
Teachers and new friends to meet while learning facts as tools.
There’s reading, sums and language, the sun and moon and Mars,
He needs his rest, so she can rest as evening falls beneath the stars.

A teenage world is an alien place, they live largely on their own,
Locked inside their bedrooms, they are home but still alone.
Though noise comes out, computer games, discords on loud guitars
And she dreams of restful silence as evening falls beneath the stars.

Then he’s at work as she is, struggling through the daily grind,
So many calls upon their time, so much energy to find.
She’s tired now but he’s off out, she’s left listening for his car.
She cannot rest til he returns as evening falls beneath the stars.

Now he’s left home, she must move on, be all that she can be,
Enjoy more space and energy, more time that’s hers and free.
But she’s forgotten how so long ago, it is emptiness that jars.
She feels alone and restless as evening falls beneath the stars.

Change is good, she does adapt to freedom and to fun.
How did she fit in going to work when there’s so much to be done?
But she loves babysitting, now a busy grandmama
She sings her grandson to his rest as evening falls beneath the stars.

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4 Responses to Evening Falls

  1. joylennick says:

    Evening Heather, I have just read ‘Evening Falls’ and enjoyed it so much. There are poets and then there are POETS, and you are the latter, without a doubt. You squeeze that last, magical, enigmatic ‘something’ from words and expressions which is very precious and appreciated.I feel a kinship to you which I can’t explain – and your humanity springs from the pages. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. joylennick says:

    Hi Heather, Thanks for reading my latest offering. I just re-read your poem and like it just as much! Having had three lads, I recall all ‘the stages’ with a tear hovering…I truly loved being a Mum /and still do. But now so different… xx

    Liked by 1 person

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