Christmas Presents

I’ve been a bit busy, but just in time for Christmas here is a piece of verse.  Does it make you think of anyone you know?!

There are presents in the attic, there are boxes in the hall
Some are hidden under beds, or between the sofa and the wall
It is coming up to Christmas and the house is overloaded
If the presents don´t come out soon, it will be the house that has exploded.

She started back in January to make the most of New Year sales
And continued through to Easter with end of season bargain rails
Even when she was on holiday walking down beside the beach
She had an eye out for the gift shops that at home were out of reach.

Come September starts the build up to consumer panic buying
The latest film or TV fashion is what the children now are eyeing
The threat of stocks sold out and a disappointed daughter
Means buying things up quickly, spending more than you really ought ter

So at last there comes the wrapping and it´s clear for all to see
That there are far too many presents, no more space beneath the tree
So back into the attic go some toys for when they´re older
And hopefully some clothes will fit when birthdays come round later.

So at Christmas this year, she’s started stockpiling for next
Giving is her favourite hobby and she never takes a rest.
If you ask what she wants for Christmas, you won´t get much reply
“Whatever” – she’ll be thinking of next year´s spending high.

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3 Responses to Christmas Presents

  1. joylennick says:

    I once knew a Mum who borrowed money every Christmas to buy expensive gifts for her daughters…Especially one who HAD to have the latest ‘collector’s’ dressed ‘doll. Madness! Buying and seeing your goodies pile up, (as for a ‘bottom drawer’) can be addictive though! I enjoyed the poem, thank you.

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  2. My husband comes of German stock and for them family and food is far more important than presents. For the British, though, our presents seem to be a mark of how much we love and we certainly put a lot of effort into buying!


  3. joylennick says:

    My husband is Jewish, so family and food are also VERY important. Much smaller portions of food now we’re older but we do love our nosh! Hope you had a lovey Christmas, Heather.


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