The Butterfly Season

So excited!  My new book is out!  Available as ebook (Kobo, Kindle, Narnes nd Noble et al) and as paperback on Amazon.

butterfly photo

How well do we really know our friends? How honest are we with each other and ourselves?
On holiday in an Edwardian house on the Kent coast, 5 female friends from school, now 35, try to deal with fears for the future arising from problems in the past.
With them are two 13 year olds and watching from the shadows is Annie, who was a servant there long ago.  How does her life contrast with women’s experience today?
What does Annie see? 
What will she do?

This is Part 1 of The House on Cliff Road.  If you would like to know more about the life of her employers’ family and whether there is any resolution for Annie, look out for Part 2, The Tunnel of Years,  which is coming soon.
Together the two sides of the story present snapshots of English history over the last one hundred years and ways in which women’s lives have changed.

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